Dry Container

We are able to provide a variety of new or used dry containers for residential, business, retail or industrial application. Dry containers are an absolute choice for general purpose storage and shipping cargo as they provide clean, dry and secure storage. Dry containers are made of steel and come in different sizes of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft lengths. We also have high cube sizes in 20ft and 40ft lengths.

10FT Container

A 10ft container is a non-standard container size and an excellent choice if you have limited space. This portable container comes with both option of single door and double door. They are ideal for use as a garden shed, tool shed, store room or worksite storage.

20FT Container

A 20ft container is most common type of dry container used in shipping industry and for general purpose storage (also called GP containers). These containers are wind and water tight (WWT) and come with plywood floor.

40FT Container

A 40ft container is another commonly used dry container size and is ideal for bulk on site storage or overland transportation. These extremely strong containers provide a safe and dry storage for your goods. These 40ft containers also come with different options of single door containers, double door containers and High Cube containers.

Dry container dimensions

Dimensions and capacity varies with container manufacturer. Representative dimensions are as listed below.