A padlock provides a great cost-effective safety solution to your container storage, especially when used in conjunction with lockboxes. Padlocks are manufactured from hardened steel and solid chrome plated steel shackle, prevents your container from potential tampering.







A Lock box is a steel shield welded to the container door that keeps the padlock safe from tampering. Lockbox also protects padlock from weather damage. A padlock and lock box combination provide a great safety to your container. Contact us to buy a lock box and we can also assist you with fitting.






Dessicant poles absorb moisture present inside containers hence keeping your valuable goods safe from moisture damage. A dessicant pole hangs inside the containers and designed to fit in corrugations of the container walls.









These removable container ramps makes loading/unloading of any container safe and easy. These heavy-duty ramps are designed to bridge the gap between ground level and container floor providing easy access to trolleys and forklifts.







A whirly bird is installed on top of a container roof and helps in ventilation. A whirly bird also minimise odours and reduces the temperature inside container by increasing airflow.







Twist locks are used for securing containers together when stacked vertically or for locking them in place during transport. Twist lock is a standardised rotating connector that locks the corner castings of container.









Ratchet Straps are an excellent way to fasten your goods inside containers. These are available in multiple size and strength options to fit your requirements.